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What is an HSA?

An HSA is designed to work with a qualifying high-deductible health plan (HDHP). The money goes in tax-free, grows income tax-free and comes out income tax-free when you use it for qualified medical expenses.

You can carry over unused funds from year to year and the account is yours to keep even if you change jobs, change health plans or retire. Plus, only at Optum Bank does your HSA come with Optum Wallet™ technology making it easy for you to pay for qualified medical expenses - and everyday expenses too.

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Advantages of the AARP® Health Savings Account offered by Optum Bank®:

  • Low or no monthly maintenance fees
    • Get an exclusive 20 percent discount off monthly maintenance fees or waived monthly fees for account holders 65 years and older.
  • Discounts
    • Use your HSA debit card at Walgreens to earn a 3 percent discount on eligible non-prescription purchases.
  • Simplified payments
    • Make personal and medical purchases using just one card. Store payment and health account information, then let Optum Wallet technology determine the right method of payment for your purchase.
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